new technology BLUETOOTH version

The Air Jet Sieving machineis particularly suitable for sieve cuts of powdered materials which require efficient dispersion and desagglomeration. 

Application Examples
ceramics, chemical products, cosmetics, food, minerals, pharmaceutical materials, pigments, plastics, powdercoating, rubber, toner, washing powder, ...

Product Advantages
Direct is a fully automated computer-controlled time setting + operating pressure (psi) selected in the desired range and the device stops automatically after the selected time.
The outer case of the device is made of electrostatic painted steel. 
Internal screening chamber body is machined from solid aluminum. 
With the help of special compartment on the inner container screening test sieves can easily extracts is a feature. 
Aluminum inner screening chamber height 50 mm. Cover is made from plexiglass provides the ability to make observations during the test. Sieving with air jet technology for dispersion and desagglomeration of fine powders. 
Open Mesh Function to reduce the number of near-mesh particles high flexibility through adjustable nozzle speed. 
Operation with airjet sieves, 203 mm (8") Ø or 200 mm Ø (with adapter),
Provided with RANTEK Airjet software, easy evaluation and documentation of results
Electronic adjustment of all process parameters (time, vacuum, speed) by Tablet PC silent operation due to integrated silencer. Air jet produced by a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner 1200 Watt. 
Fulfills all criteria for measuring equipment related to ISO 9001
Easy operation, ergonomic design

• Applications :  separation, fractioning, particle size determination
• Field of application : chemistry / plastics, construction materials, environment / recycling, food, geology / metallurgy, glass / ceramics, medicine / pharmaceuticals
• Feed material :  powders
• Measuring range : 14 µm - ~ 4mm
• Sieving motion : dispersion by air jet
• Max. batch / feed capacity : 0.3 - 100 g
• Max. number of fractions : 1(by using a cyclone: 2)
• Speed : Electronical controlled by Tablet PC
• Time display : Electronical controlled by Tablet PC ( 00:01 - 99:59 min )
• Suitable for dry sieving
• Serial interface or BLUETOOTH Control
• Suitable sieve as selectable 200 mm or 203 mm diameters
• Max. height of sieve stack : 1sieve (25 mm (1")

• Tablet PC
• RANTEK Alpine Tablet PC Software
• Alpine Vacuum Aspirator Device
• Plexiglass made Cover
• Rubber Hammer
• Power Supply Cable
• Computer Charging Cable

Electrical supply : 220 V, 50Hz, 1 phase
Approx. Weight : 32 kg

It performs effective vacuuming with its 3.5 meter long suction hose and powerful gravity.
It takes up little space thanks to the easy positioning of the accessories on the device.
The container can be opened and closed easily with the Pull-Push lock system.
It has a shock-resistant chamber and ergonomic carrying features.
Motor Power: 1200 Watt
Container Capacity: 12 Liter
Sound: 77 dB (A)
System: Wet & Dry
Power supply: 220 V 1 ph 50/60 Hz