EN 932-5, 1097-5 | ASTM C127, C136, D558, D559, D560, D698, D1557, D1559 | BS 1377:1, 1924:11 | UNE 103300

The RANTEK General Purpose Ovens offer a range of highly efficient, reliable, cost effective units to suit most drying, warming and general laboratory applications. 
Microprocessor digital controller with dual display of set point and actual temperature.
Easy clean powder coated body
Stainless steel chamber
Direct reading thermostat
Safety overheat thermostat
Fan circulation 

The interior is manufactured from stainless steel and the exterior is robustly constructed from sheet steel finished in powder coated paint. 
Air fan circulated (forced convection), fitted with direct reading digital control unit and equipped with an analogue over temperature protection thermostat, PID digital control 
system, isolated double wall construction, gasket single door and heating elements designed into air channels. 

Technical Specifications
Operating Temperature Limits:
Ambient Temperature to 300 °C
Thermometer: Digital
Thermostat Operating Sensitivity: + / - 2 °C
Thermometer Reading Accuracy: 2 °C
Internal Temperature Differential: + / - 2 °C
Safety System Settings when the temperature reached
Isolated double wall construction frame
Interior adjustable height shelves system
Supplied with Stainless steel shelve

RAC120S  LABORATORY OVEN 120 LT  /  Forced Convection
RAC250S  LABORATORY OVEN 250 LT  /  Forced Convection
RAC500S  LABORATORY OVEN 500 LT  /  Forced Convection
RAC750S  LABORATORY OVEN 750 LT  /  Forced Convection
RAC1000S  LABORATORY OVEN 1000 LT  /  Forced Convection
RAC1500S  LABORATORY OVEN 1500 LT  /  Forced Convection
RAC2000S  LABORATORY OVEN 2000 LT  /  Forced Convection
RAC3000S  LABORATORY OVEN 3000 LT  /  Forced Convection