Mini Jaw Crusher has a 200*80mm jaw sets and feed for crushing 50mm and smaller feed material to 1mm and finer at up to 10kg per hour. It performs well in crushing small quantities of materials with varying levels of hardness such as hard quartz to soft claystone. The unit comes standard with hardened steel alloy jaw and cheek plates. For special applications, order Stainless Steel Jaw and Cheek Set to avoid iron contamination. Sets are interchangeable and adjust in the opening by turning the handwheel to produce a product from 10mm - down to 1mm in size. Samples can be caught on separate trays to avoid cross-contamination.

Construction of the crusher features a case-hardened alloy steel eccentric shaft running in heavy-duty sealed needle bearings. The crusher is belt-driven by a 0.25hp motor with overload and on/off switches, all mounted on a steel base with rubber feet for freestanding operation. 

Jaw Sizes are 200*80 mm and feed material up to 50mm
Processes at a maximum rate of 10kg per hour
Three different jaw plate sets available
Adjustable jaw opening

Technical Specifications
Jaw Sizes : 200*80 mm
Maximum Particle Size : 50mm
Final Size : 10mm - down to 1mm
Max. Feed Capacity : 10kg/hr
Composition : Steel Alloy
Application : Hard quartz to soft claystone

Electrical : 220V / 50Hz / 1 phase
Dimensions : 254 x 483 x 279mm ( WxDxH )
Estimated Shipping Weight : 40kg