The 3D TURBULA MIXER is used for the homogeneous mixing of powdery substances with differing specific weights and particle sizes. 
The product is mixed in its own closed container. It is also possible to mix wet and dry components or different wet components. 
The production process is hygienic and dust-free, making the mixer easy to clean. 
The exceptional efficiency of the 3D TURBULA MIXER comes from the use of rotation, translation, and inversion according to the Schatz geometric theory. 
The mixing container is set into three-dimensional movement that exposes the product to always changing, rhythmically pulsing motion.     
The results fulfill the highest requirements and are achieved in a minimum of time. 
The mixing basket can hold any form of container, from test tubes up to containers having volumes up to 2 liters. 
Containers are held tightly by twisted rubber rings. 
By adjusting the position of the drive belts on the pully, the speed can be varied. 
3D TURBULA MIXERS are used wherever minimum mixing times together with fulfillment of the highest homogeneity standards are required - in all industries, in research and development, and in production plants.    

Mixing by Rotation, Translation, and Inversion    
Extremely Heavy Powders with Light Ones    
Minute Quantities with Huge Volumes    
Fragile Granules without Crumbling    
Particles of Different Diameter    
Speed (min-1) : 23/34/49/72/101    
Standard Container Size (L) : Max 2    
Container sizes with rubber clamping rings : 130 mm x 215 mm diameter    

Electrical supply data : 220 V, 50 Hz    
Power connection : 1-phase    
Net weight ~ 38 kg